Switching Off

Something I think everyone is guilty of is finding the right time to switch their minds and bodies off and taking some time for themselves and loved ones. Lately the stress of uni, work and everything else has been getting a lot so there was no better time to have a long weekend at the Lake District. We stayed at High Borrans lodges and spent the day on Saturday at Lake Windermere, rented a boat and ate a lot of ice cream, and it's safe to say it was absolutely perfect and just what I needed to push on with the rest of this semester.

This weekend has really got me thinking about how taking some time away from everything can help put things into perspective, improve productivity and gives us space to think. Here's why:

Rented a boat on Lake Windermere and survived,
a shock to the system
The stunning view from our lodge

The opportunity to fully switch off

It's not often we get the opportunity to completely switch off and not think about anything. The phone signal wasn't great where our accommodation was located (literally in the middle of the lakes) and although we did have wifi access, I couldn't have been happier about how isolated the area was. After checking my screen-time last week and the longest day being 9 hours, I know I'm disappointed too, I have made a conscious effort to use my phone less and less. 

Switching off is the perfect time to relax, have a change of pace and recharge batteries, it allows us to come back to work with a clearer, happier mind, and face challenges much better. It's so important to encourage taking some time away from the desk as a means of improving productivity and overall job satisfaction.

You'll learn the difference between being busy and being productive

One thing that I've learnt recently is there's a huge difference between a busy person and a productive person. Have you ever noticed that when you ask some people how they are, their immediate answer is "busy"? Our society places such importance on being busy, almost as if not being busy deems you as unsuccessful. However, getting things done and being productive isn't just about being bust, it's about what you're busy doing. If you're unable to identify the tasks that actually matter, then you're just spinning your wheels.

Taking time off means you stop setting yourself meaningless tasks just to come off as busy. In fact, you'd probably rather spend time on your interests and appreciate the world around us. By not engaging in busy work constantly, you may able to fully focus on what really matters to achieve your goals.

It boosts creativity

Having time off is the perfect chance to fully process ideas and think creatively. Being constantly on the go 24/7 sometimes has a hit on your amount of creativity. Although while you're away you're not meant to be thinking of work, it's the perfect time to fully process your ideas. We've all had ideas that never materialised, right? Some time away it the perfect time to have that thinking process.

It gives you time for reflection

One thing we're all guilty of is not fully celebrating our own successes. I know for me it gets to the end of each year and it feels like everything was rushed by so quickly it's strange looking back on your achievements from the year. It's so important to take the time to recognise your achievements and be proud of yourself and your work.

Obviously we can't just go away for a few days a week every time we're feeling a little stressed, but there's so many ways to switch off just at home - how do you like to switch off? Let me know below!

Beth x

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