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Welcome to the fifth and final (for now!) instalment of the 'Meet the PRofessionals' series over on this blog! I've had the best time interviewing some incredible PR professionals from around the country, sharing their experience and advice. My PRofessional in the spotlight this time round is a well-known name, especially in the PR blogging community, it's the amazing Marcel Klebba!

Meet the PRofessional: Marcel Klebba

I first came across Marcel through the PR student blogging community and his journey has inspired a number of students, including myself. Marcel is an account executive at Metia in London, he graduated two years ago from the University of Westminster and stayed in London to launch his career in PR. Alongside his job, Marcel runs his award winning blog and has been doing for over two years now, and this year was named as a top 10 PR blog by Vuelio. As an established PR practitioner with plenty of blogging experience you can tell that Marcel really knows his stuff, so let's find out a little more about him...

1. How did you get started in PR? 

My way to the industry was pretty straightforward. I studied a BA in Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Westminster. Throughout the course, I landed a few work experience placements and then got my first comms job in the tech/corporate role a few weeks before graduating.

2. Have you found that having a successful PR blog has been beneficial to you in the industry? 

Absolutely. Blogging connects you with others, helps you explore the industry and teaches you a lot about it. It also makes you write regularly. Writing is an essential skill in PR, so it automatically makes you more employable. Having a blog can also be a good talking point during job interviews.

3. What was the reason for you setting up your PR blog?

I wanted to sharpen up my writing skills and showcase my passion to the industry. 

4. What is your current job title and what do you love about your job?

I'm a PR account executive at a global comms agency Metia. I work across the variety of fintech, tech and corporate clients. The fact it's so varied is what I like the most about my role. I also love learning and there's a lot to learn from my clients' industries. 

5. Why did you choose a career in PR?

Working in public relations is always interesting. You keep developing your skills on a daily basis and constantly learn new things.

6. What does your daily routine look like?

There's a lot to my role. I'd talk to media across the different sectors and across the globe, prepare briefing documents, and do reporting. I also make sure the media lists are up-to-date and monitor relevant media publications. But these are only some of the tasks that keep me busy.

7. Can you describe your job in three words?

Challenging, creative, exciting.

8. Who has been your biggest role model in your career so far and why?

I won't make the justice to the lengthy list of people that helped me in my career, but just to name a few, Sam Howard gave me my first proper PR job and taught me the basics, Stephen Waddington inspired me to start blogging and Ella Minty has always been there with some sound advice.

9. What are three must-haves that are crucial for you to get the job done?

Attention to detail, organisation skills and enthusiasm. 

10. What is the most memorable or meaningful moment in your career so far?

It has to be being recognised by Vuelio in 2017 as UK's best PR blogger. Landing coverage and media engagements with some of the leading trade and national publications has always been rewarding, too.

11. What do you wish more people understood about the PR industry?

It's slightly different than depicted in 'The Thick of It' or 'Absolutely Fabulous'. 

12. What advice would you give to a PR student like myself that is looking for a foot in the door in the PR industry?

Start blogging and get content out there. Meet people and learn about the industry as much as possible. Land some work experience.

Be sure to follow Marcel on Twitter, and definitely check out his blog. If you're reading this and want to get PR blogging, be sure to join the #CommsSchool community and have a go at writing yourself!

Thank you so much for your time Marcel! 

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