Dancing on Ice triumphantly returned to our screens this month, winning the reality show 'launch night fight', by out-performing the returning series of The Voice & The Greatest Dancer! It's secret? The self-promoting ultimate DIVA that is Gemma Collins. 

For those of you not in the know, Gemma or 'the GC' as she likes to call herself has made a huge name for herself in the reality TV world over the past 8 years. Starting from being known as the outspoken, self-styled diva from reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, she's done (pretty much) every show you can think of from her weeks stint on I'm a Celebrity to trying to find love with a 'normal' person on Celebs Go Dating, there aren't many reality shows that she hasn't tried.

During her noisy appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, she not only threatened to storm out of the show whenever she was miffed, she point-blanked refused to take part in any tasks and appeared to enjoy rubbing her housemates up the wrong way - something that was more than expected for her Dancing On Ice appearance and is potentially why she brings the viewers in, a smart move from the ITV bosses.

Now - in my opinion, the real moment where Gemma turned into a national icon rather than another reality TV diva was her fall at the teen choice awards 2017, where Gemma left millions of viewers in shock as she fell through the stage while presenting the award to the Love Island cast... (I mean just look at the crowds reaction)

This was a must-see TV moment and went viral online in seconds showing the rest of the world the gift that keeps on giving Gemma Collins. What followed this was a tsunami of Book, TV and fashion offers that have helped Gemma become a very rich woman indeed, with a huge net-worth of an estimated £2.7 million. Coincidence? I think not!

Yes, you did read that right - but credit where credit is due, she works for her money and it's not all just the luck of going viral, I can't even name the amount of TV and public appearances she's done in the past year. But what makes her different to the rest of the TOWIE lot? Gemma knows how to play the game! Unlike her reality peers, she knows how to talk the talk. There's never an awkward silence, there are no botched one liners. And for what she lacks in her sportsmanship on DOI, she makes up for in personality, wit and sass.

There's been plenty of speculation online that both the kick off last week with Jason Gardiner and the fall this week was purely for a publicity stunt, because of the amount of attention it's got online and whether she purposely fell or not. Now, I don't think for one minute that Gemma flung herself onto the ice in an attempt to make some headlines, however the GC isn't stupid - she knows how to play the game and you can tell. From her reaction immediately after the fall, to posting all about it across her socials and to getting a wheelchair the next day, Gemma is a headline waiting to happen at all times and it clearly is working in her favour.

What do you think? PR stunt or not, everybody seems to be talking about the GC!

New Beginnings | The Start of my PR Blog Journey

January really is all about new beginnings and wow did January 2019 bring them! In the last month I've started the second semester of my masters degree in Public Relations, started freelancing more for the digital marketing company I interned at over summer and started presenting DriveTime on Spark FM!

Now that leaves me with this blog, after speaking to a few current PR student bloggers and starting our social media module at uni I'm left feeling massively inspired to blog along my PR journey all about the things I learn, my opinions on different industry happenings and different hints/tips I pick up along the way! Expect a weekly post right here about all things PR and is something I'm excited to start!

Beth x