HOW TO | Use National Awareness Days the right way

For me, there's nothing worse than an organisation using an awareness day for using an awareness days sake. Whether this be content on the radio (it happens, soooo much), or on social media for a client, it should be used effectively! There's no need to be celebrating World Pen Day for your Mattress Client, but there are days which most brands get on board with - International Women's Day, International Day of Happiness and Bring your Dog to Work Day to name a few.

When planning social media content for yourself, your brand or a client it's important to stay relevant, interesting and informative. No matter what platform you're using it's always important to change up the content, a feed that's purely business focussed can seem too salesy and turn people away. Obviously you want to create leads to your business, but it's also important to show some variety by finding that content balance, you're also going to build brand awareness and likability by doing so.

With all this in mind, here's some ideas on how to use awareness days the right way to get the right coverage and interaction for your business or brand:

Plan, plan and plan some more

If you're planning on using a certain national awareness day, week or month in your content, it's so so important to plan ahead - as once it's happened it's gone. Often if an awareness day is linked with a charity, or another organisation, they'll send out suggested themes, socials and graphics which is good in terms of working in collaboration.

When running an awareness day campaign, planning is especially important if you want to target the print media that often work months in advance. Select the dates early that have the most synergy with your brand, as many may be related to your niche, or of interest to your audience. And don't forget to use social media analytics to help you understand what type of content your audience likes and responds well to, so you can do more of what works.

Get creative!

An awareness day is the perfect way to get creative with your PR, rather than just rolling out an unimaginative tweet using the awareness day hashtag, why not be creative and think how you can make it interesting and relevant to YOUR audience. For example, for take your dog to work day, why not try getting the entire office involved, make an infographic with photos and facts about the dogs or make a cute video to share on your socials!

Only take notice of the relevant days

As mentioned previously, there's no point in 'celebrating' an awareness day if it's completely irrelevant to yourself, a client or your brand. Although, they don't need to be directly linked, many can be used to highlight a key message or be used to have some light-hearted fun in the office - showing what you support as a business and adding some personality to your organisation.

Get yourself an awareness day calendar! (Or make one) 

I made one of these myself at work and I'm VERY proud of it, simply buy a cheap calendar from the pound shop (other stores are available), and take some time at the beginning of each month to note the time-worthy awareness days. Not only will this mean you don't miss any, you can also tailor it to each client or theme and it's helpful for everyone else in the office in terms of tailoring social media, articles and campaigns!

What do you think? Are awareness days a handy PR tool or a waste of time? For me the takeaway key point is that while awareness days are not a media story, they can provide an excellent 'hook' for one when used effectively! The more creative, the better. Let me know what you think below!

Beth x

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